Do You Have a Termite Problem?

Do You Have a Termite Problem?

Schedule a termite inspection in Powell, OH

Termites can cause horrendous damage to the structural integrity of your home. These wood-eating insects feed off sheds, trim, doors and wooden beams. You can depend on IPO Properties, LLC to pinpoint a termite issue quickly. If we find evidence of the insect, we’ll connect you with top-quality exterminators to eliminate the problem as soon as possible.

For more information about termite inspections in Powell, OH, call 614-526-4631 today.

What to look for if you think you have termites

How can you tell if you have termites in or around your home? Termites can leave several kinds of evidence on your property. You should call IPO Properties, LLC for a professional termite inspection if you find:

  • Honeycomb patterns in your wood.
  • Mud tubes near wooden sources.
  • Termite wings or pellets.

IPO Properties, LLC offers wood destroying organism inspections in Powell, OH to combat termite issues. Call 614-526-4631 right away if you believe you have termites in or near your home.